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One has to admire a man who not only does it all but also lives to write about it. . Pingback: Next Big Thing: Noon Onyx Book #2 « Jill Archer . . Archer ;s series, The Clifton Chronicles, follows the arc of an Englishman ;s life . Book Cover. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. by Priscilla Galloway. Reply. Book Log: Archers , Alchemists, and 98 Other Medieval Jobs You . This is a study of the archer and his weapon, from the Norman. Save money & smile! The Medieval Archer by Jim Bradbury - Reviews, Discussion. Archers , Alchemists and 98 Other Medieval Jobs You Might Have Loved or Loathed. Review of The Archer ;s Tale by Bernard Cornwell - . It is a delight to read a book which recognises the importance of warfare in medieval times...also...discusses the changing role of the archer in medieval society. Some, like broadhead . . A Certain Slant of Light - Musings on book reviews - osprey_archerI tend to write my book reviews soon after I ;ve finished reading, which has obvious advantages, but also means that I don ;t usually know how the book is going to sit with me: there are books that grow on me over time, like Rebecca Stead ;s . The contents are eminently practical. I ;m on Book 3 of the Saxon Chronicles right now. It is a delight to read a book which recognises the importance of warfare in medieval times. Medieval Welsh - Fanaticus ForumLooking at the army lists for Feudal English, 100yrs English and Medieval French there is little indication of a Welsh contingent. The Myths of Medieval Warfare - De Re MilitariJohn Keegan ;s latest book , A History of Warfare (Hutchinson, 1993), reflects the view of some leading military historians in referring to ;the long interregnum between the disappearance of the disciplined armies of Rome and the . Medieval arms control | Swords & DorkeryI had always assumed he just focused on Napoleonic or Enlightenment era uniforms, but he also did books on medieval arms and armor, which falls within my areas of interest, so I decided to track him down through interlibrary loan

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